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Coconut / Coir Logo Mats (17mm)

Traditional Coir Logo Mats for hard wearing classic style. Our Coir Logo Mats are 17mm thick and individually hand made to order using an inlaying technique. This means that rather than simply spraying your design onto the surface of the mat (the method used by cheaper alternatives), the design on our mats runs throughout the entire depth of the pile. We cut your design out of the background colour, (a bit like making a stencil) and then create your logo out of the necessary other colours and replace the background colour fibres with the design colours. The back is then sealed for longevity, the design will last for the lifetime of the mat, whereas with a sprayed mat you will find that the design will wear off relatively quickly.

If you really want to create the best impression for your business an inlaid coir logo mat is what you need.

  • Your choice of 8 colours.
  • Should be fitted into a mat well or recess and glued down with a suitable carpet adhesive.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • 17mm thick - If your mat well is deeper than this you simply make up the difference with plywood. If you don't have sufficient clearance for 17mm then try our 10mm thick synthetic coir logo mat alternative.

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